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Google is shutting down Google Reader.

Google Reader has been the heart of my information consumption. It's not just a really fast feed aggregator. It allows you to dig through a blog's history conveniently. I'm quite disappointed to see it go.

I've now moved my feeds to Feedly. The process was smooth. Let's see how it will live up to the expectation.

Windows 8

Couldn't believe I'd say this. I kinda prefer Windows 8 over Ubuntu 12.10 now. Had to install Windows for thesis writing and it feels faster and smoother. Maybe I fucked Ubuntu up a bit (continually upgraded since 7.04). Also the bonus is games! Still have to go back to Ubuntu for coding stuff though. Too many dependencies.


Have you ever moved into a new place and found stuff the previous occupant left behind? Notes, CDs, small appliances. I like that. There's some weird feelings attached to it. It's not the joy of getting free stuff. It's something alluring. Almost voyeuristic. It makes you feel like you've inherited a part of their life. A part of their experience they had in the very same intimate space.

I was rummaging through the living room cabinet the other day to collect electricity bills previous occupants left. I found a CD. It's a folk album by an American artist named Pat Hull. It's lovely. I wonder if the owner listened to it in the morning like I do.

There's also an old laptop left in the house. The screen's backlight is broken. I thought of bringing it to my office and connect it to a monitor, and I did today. It seems like the previous owner was a talented painter and musician. There's some scanned paintings, some recordings and a massive library of jazz and Irish traditional music on it.

Thank you, my flatmate(s) whom I never met.

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