Have you ever moved into a new place and found stuff the previous occupant left behind? Notes, CDs, small appliances. I like that. There's some weird feelings attached to it. It's not the joy of getting free stuff. It's something alluring. Almost voyeuristic. It makes you feel like you've inherited a part of their life. A part of their experience they had in the very same intimate space.

I was rummaging through the living room cabinet the other day to collect electricity bills previous occupants left. I found a CD. It's a folk album by an American artist named Pat Hull. It's lovely. I wonder if the owner listened to it in the morning like I do.

There's also an old laptop left in the house. The screen's backlight is broken. I thought of bringing it to my office and connect it to a monitor, and I did today. It seems like the previous owner was a talented painter and musician. There's some scanned paintings, some recordings and a massive library of jazz and Irish traditional music on it.

Thank you, my flatmate(s) whom I never met.